Best Nanotechnology Products through herbal route at commercial scale

Aarshadhaatu Green Nanotechnologies India Private Limited is the First Indian Company to
Manufacture nanomaterials through herbal route at commercial scale.

Who We Are…

Aarshadhaatu aims to become a global supplier for high quality nano materials. Using our patented green production routes, we would like to create wide range of products and solutions meeting various customer needs. We strive to create a plethora of opportunities for students, researchers and academicians to interact with industries in application development for societal benefits.

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” I am impressed to know that they are producing Nano Copper through green technology route in bulk.”
” Our group has rigorously characterized their Nano Copper particles and finds that they are high purity spherical particles with size range of 20-50mm.”
B.S. MURTY, Professor, IITM - Chennai
I heard about this company from a friend and purchased nano Zinc Oxide of 99% purity with particle size ranging from 40 nm to 60 nm. The first thing that attracted me was the price, but when I received their powder I was more than happy. The second quality was the shelf life of the powder, I used this powder for 6 months and I didn’t observe any agglomeration or degradation.

I shall, without any apprehension recommend the nano powders manufactured by this company.

Ganne Pavan, Vignan's University
I come to know about this company through internet search and ordered for 99% pure Nano Tin Oxide with particle size ranging from 40 nm to 60 nm for developing gas sensors. I was much astonished to see what I ordered, for it is economical in price with international standards. Another peculiar property I found was that this powder was coated with some organic capping.

I will happily recommend this company’s product.

Pasam Dhamini, Vignan's University
I have completed my project work with the Nano copper powder of 99% purity, 60 nm particle size supplied by Aarshadhaatu.
Ch. Sunil Kumar, MSc Nano Science & Technology IST, JNTUH.
I have purchased Nano Copper of 99.9% purity with particle size ranging from 40 nm to 60 nm manufactured by Aarshadhaatu & found it to be more economical then conventionally available nano Copper in the market.
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